By Jon & Mary Gae George

Rhythmic Figure Flash Cards

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Students need ways to explore and experiment with the basic elements of the musical language. These Rhythmic Figure Flash Card Kits provide all the basic rhythmic figures of simple and compound meters, including both notes and rests. The sturdy card stock used has ten cards on each sheet. The suggested applications start with recognizing the total duration of the rhythmic figure on each flash card; this develops the skill of reading in fluent groups of notes as opposed to halting note-by-note reading and playing. Next, students create and interpret their own rhythmic phrases with these cards. They learn to notate rhythm by copying their favorite phrases using pencil and paper. Thus they can add dynamics and other interpretive inflections. These applications develop evaluation, musical responsiveness, musical memory, imagination, and ear training. These kits are one of the most important tools for beginning and transfer students. They are essential for use at lessons, classes, and during home practice.