By Jon & Mary Gae George

Positive Solutions for Teaching Rhythm & Technic

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POSITIVE SOLUTIONS FOR TEACHING RHYTHM AND TECHNIC is a 3-hour DVD that focuses on time-tested solutions to teaching these two areas of study too often neglected by music students. Technic is the tool of creative expression, and therefore must be carefully guided and enhanced from the beginning of lessons. Rhythm brings the flow of vitality and meaning to music, and it is so easy and so much fun it is the best place to start all lessons and as well as well as home practice. Mary Gae George and her students demonstrate these proven solutions that work with students who are just beginning their study through to upper Intermediate level. The section on rhythm includes phrasing, meter, Directed Motion, syncopation -- all the way through to polyrhythms. The Technic section begins with posture at the piano, building the hand, achieving legato, and a free-flowing, no-tension playing mechanism. Mastering Keyboard Systems such as Major and minor Pentachords serves as a basis for mastering Major, minor, diminished, and Augmented triads, as well as Major and minor scales and arpeggios. These detailed demonstrations are supported by two PDF Pedagogy Guides included on the DVD. In response to teachers' requests for better ways to teach scales, Mary Gae developed her 13 Study-Steps to Dependably Beautiful Scales, which cover three levels of study. She presents these steps to different students at appropriate levels on the DVD. The entire Study-Steps are included in the PDF Pedagogy Guides. The playful nature of these Study Steps keep students engaged, listening, and practicing.