By Jon & Mary Gae George

Polyrhythm Charts

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There is no need to guess or to struggle with polyrhythms. There are clear patterns to follow. By starting slowly and counting aloud, following the illustrations on these two charts, the patterns become easy. Gradually increasing the tempo develops the natural flow of these patterns. They soon become as easy and fluent as other more frequently used rhythmic figures; regular review keeps them at the ready. The charts in this download include wall charts (22 H X 28 W) and page-size charts (11 X 8.5). The wall charts serve as attractive displays in your studio that intrigue students and serve as review of these rhythms. The page-size fit into student's binders for home study. Two-against three, and three-against-four. Other polyrhythms can be learned by following the same principles displayed on these charts. You can see Mary Gae teaching these rhythms from these charts in her DVD: The Most Important Lesson