By Jon & Mary Gae George

Master Lessons Study Guides, Vol 1 and 2

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In Volume 1, each Repertoire piece included in the Master Lessons DVD has a full page of detailed pedagogy guides for teaching and performing the piece. On the facing page is the complete copyrighted score for the piece, giving you comprehensive support as well as a way to annotate your own ideas and try them out at the Piano. The front matter to this book includes Mary Gae's Thermometer of Dynamics, an essential easily-used tool for students and teachers to gain control of dynamic inflection and Directed Motion in performance. The book reflects Mary Gae's proven principles of Interpretive Analysis, based on Reading Music . . . not Notes! Obviously, Volume 1 will support any course of study. Volume 2 features articles on phrasing, intervals, rhythm, technique, and chord study. In addition, the book includes a Chord Study Guide for using a broken chord piece as an especially useful way to begin chord study (following the necessary theory and technique preparations). An extensive glossary is especially useful for pedagogy classes and transfer students, as well as review materials for Artistry at the Piano students and teachers. There are lesson plans throughout this book. This 50 page book is a valuable addition to everyone's music library.