By Jon & Mary Gae George

Chart 2 of Rhythmic Figures (22 x 28)

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All the wall charts used on the DVD Teaching MUSIC...not notes! are 22" by 28". They are laminated and mounted to foam core with grommets in the top corners for hanging. You can take the downloaded file to any print shop that is set up to print items this large (such as Kinko's) and have it produced there. These charts are extremely sturdy and light-weight; they also include the hand-signals shown in the DVD They are useful for ear training, memorizing chains of rhythmic figures, as well as introducing the essential concept of reading music in groups of notes instead of note-by-note. They also provide preparatory experience for time signatures. These charts help develop reliable reading comprehension for students of all ages. They are essential to our goals for Positive Pedagogy (giving lessons that do not require any corrections).